The Simple Way to Organise Care.

Being able to manage your own support appointments, gives you the freedom to fit care into your lifestyle

ClickGo exists to help people manage their own care. By using ClickGo on your tablet, laptop or PC you’ll have access to your care budget, your team members, your goals and you’ll also get notifications about important updates to your support.

How we’re making Self Directed Support a Practical Reality.


  • Next appointment (including photo)
  • Team Summary
  • Budget Summary (including next appointment cost)
  • Outcome Summary (including latest outcome update)
  • Notifications
  • Messages
  • Settings / Profile
  • User Support


  • Appointment Calendar
  • Support plan manager
  • Flexible appointment request system


  • Budget planner
  • Expenditure overview
  • Expenditure breakdown


  • Team member profile (including photos)
  • Notes


  • Outcome aggregator
  • Multi-stakeholder input
  • Outcome progress
  • Outcome history